Sunday, September 25, 2005

First off, the good things about the trip:

1) First class rocks! Good food, lots of room, attendants at my beck and call for every whim, and great overnight bags with gifts from L'Occitane. I am now officially spoiled, which sucks because I am also officially poor.

2) The World Cup was awesome and the US came in 7th place, which is higher than ever before. Meeting people from places like Scotland, England, Germany, Argentina, Belarus, Australia, etc. is fun too.

3) Spending more time with my sister than I have since I was 14 and she was 23. Also, spending time with my niece and her teammates.

4) The Andes. Wow.

5) Beautiful men who are fascinated by blondes with blue eyes. I was in heaven. Too bad I'm spoken for or I could have had a great time with a few of these Latin beauties, especially the Che & Benicio look-a-likes. Oh, well.

The last thing is rather difficult to describe. See, no one should ever be born into my family with thin skin. Unfortunately, I was. My father never showed much emotion(until he hit 60), being the stoic German fellow he was; my sister was a bully who was 10 years older and liked to jack me up against a wall when I wanted to change the channel on the TV; and my mom, well she'd say stuff like "It's your own breath blowing back into your face," if you said something stinks, or "It's the badness coming out of you" if you got a pimple. Not exactly mean, by not exactly pleasant to an overly sensitive youngster like myself.

Anyway, being in a land where she cannot speak the language at all, like in Chile, knocked my sister down a few notches. She made mistakes on many different things quite often in every area of her life while we were there, which is something she never, ever allows herself to do. She finally admitted that being in a foreign country makes her feel vulnerable and affects her self-esteem. Wow. I couldn't believe she admitted it. I tried to be of some comfort and tried to do the talking for her, but deep down I knew she now had a glimpse of what I felt like growing up in my family -- they all spoke a strange language I couldn't understand and they had a difficult time understanding mine.

I didn't even rub it in. That is, until she started a petty argument about Bush and patriotism, and I had to try to correct her misunderstanding & ignorance of the problem(key word: TRY), then proceeded to talk to the waiter in Spanish for an extended time. I was mad, okay? But I only purposefully tried to make her feel uncomfortable just that one time, I swear.

The bad stuff later on. There's a lot of it. I would never go back to Santiago. Chile, yes. Santiago, no fucking way.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Okay. I know you all want to know where the hell I've been. Well, maybe two of you want to know. Well, I'm here to tell both of you that my computer is no longer used for fun, games, and pseudo-creativity. It is used for WORK. I now relish the times when I can get off of the damn thing and read. Or just sit and stare at a wall or something.

My eBay biz has taken off. I am now doing it full-time. Woo hoo, I am finally making a living doing something I love -- buying clothes and reselling them. Yes, I do feel guilty about never having finished my bachelor's degree, but I do have to use my brain for this kind of work on eBay. I swear I do. Sometimes it actually hurts. My brain. It hurts sometimes. Ow.

Also, I've being traveling my ass off. Last month I was home only one weekend. I went to PA twice (once for a huge party my sister threw for 350 people at her house. Yes, it can hold that many people. I ended up hanging out with the guy that does his hair and his lover. I'm a good old fag hag from way back.) I went to Raleigh to see my friend and yours, T-O-M. I went to the Jersey shore for the first time in 15 years, too. What I realized is that the beach, like a lot of things, sucks ass here. Up there, the waves beat the hell out of you and the water stays cold (read: refreshing). The waves are so wild, you come out of the water exhausted, and they are so much fun, I stay in the water for 3-hour stretches at a time. I am off to Chile on Monday. My niece made our national field hockey team and the World Cup is in Santiago, Chile this year. My sister paid for it, so I am flying first class and staying at a five-star hotel. My responsibility during this trip is to be an interpreter for my sister. So, I have been crash-coursing Espanol.

I have missed you guys and will try to be better after this trip. I understand I got the boot from some of your links. That's OK. It's better than getting the boot from some real website or something. Okay, I admit it. That's just what I tell myself so I can get thru the day without crying constantly. I have work to do, so whatever works, you know?

P.S. Ed, if I find another vintage KISS tee, I will give you first dibs before putting it up on eBay. I didn't know you were such a fan, man.

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